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Are powered by information in the public domain. Each company reviewed is responsible for it's own content. Lack of transparency is taken into account as well as each company's effort to advise consumers of their rights under CROA & FCRA guidelines, or lack thereof. The opinions are our own, and protected under U.S. Law where applicable. We reserve all rights to operate in compliance with the public trust in order to educate consumers and provide fair trade through the vehicle of opinion and public discourse.

 No scam artists and unethical operators were harmed by this, sadly.

Introducing YOU DECIDE...

An experimental program where we review all major (and some minor) Credit Repair Organizations, Individuals and Law Firms with a vested interest in Debt Consolidation and Credit Counselling.

In the spirit of fair enterprise we will list our competitors virtues and faults, their transparency, adherence to The Credit Repair Organizations Act  (CROA) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). We will list their compliance with consumer resources and advocacy, if any, and decipher euphemistic language in our direct easy to understand English.

In doing so, we hope to present the consumer with all the tools needed to make an educated decision, as always, we recommend our visitors to visit these companies and read for themselves or contact them directly. This section is in response to the questionable business ethics of recent pay-for-play business tactics as conducted by the BBB and D&B as well as other so called Credit Repair Organization oversight and licensing agencies, which award rating according to payment and memberships and not on their track record alone. We use current Google reviews and site information as backed up by

Finally a meter that measures truth in advertising!

In reviewing the following companies we took into account a variety of criteria: CROA compliance, FCRA compliance, Advocacy compliance, Ethics, Truth in Advertising, Google Reviews, common sense and of course Bullshit. It may read comical but we assure you the following is a very serious matter, which concerns all consumers. As always, don't take our word for it. Visit these companies for yourself. We recommend a bullshit-o-meter, boots and in some cases, rubber pants and a shovel...

Perfect example of bullshit in business

This is a perfect example of why we do what we do, as only we do it.

Alcazar Credit Repair has only 1 review, but the guy leaving the review is also the co-owner/operator. The yellow highlights are my own, on a screenshot of the review itself. Note how Muricio Rivera praises the help of the stellar employee, Mauricio Rivera. Note the 4 stars. Observe the hilarity of the spelling. This is why we say it proudly: we are not your average fucking nonprofit.

Credit Solution Repair

Credit Solution Repair: this company doesn't seem to offer any service but rather they sell software and promise all the sorts of crazy shit one would expect from a bullshit artist. Lots of different typefaces in varying color. Not really a webpage. You decide.

Real Credit Solutions

Real Credit Solutions: (not to be confused with Credit Repair Solutions) outfit run out of Minneapolis, MN. Standard website with standard message with standard promises of removing everything from standard bankruptcies to student loans, medical bills, charge offs, tax, liens, you name it. Guarantee scores rising by 10 points in first month, which according to ANYONE who knows the law, is a bullshit claim. Offer a "holistic approach to credit repair", so they may recommend burning sage and meditating yourself to a better score. Not sure. You decide.

Bright Future Credit Solutions.

Bright Future Credit Solutions. This one is so bad it's funny. Great website with absolutely no advocacy, no laws, no nothing. High upfront cost $299.00 and a pay per deletion deal. They offer pricing for everything from child support to repos. Holy shit. These firms are everywhere. What a crock of shit. You decide.

True Credit Solutions

True Credit Solutions. Crew working out of El Paso, TX. Very strange website, looks like a cross between a message board and a sixth graders attempt at web design. No advocacy, no laws. Nothing. Very sparse on information. They have a disclaimer that says they comply with CROA, but can't find even a link to the laws anywhere, so you know... You decide.

"Company" run out of Oregon. These people rent tradelines. Which is just a euphemistic way of saying they'll let you use some credit card they are wired into for a fee, and then report that card to the bureau's to build you credit. Which would, you know, jump your score or something. Apparently these people have not heard of secured cards and how anyone can get one. You're better off asking your uncle Merle to put you on his credit than do this shit, this is my opinion, you decide.

Key Credit Repair

Key Credit Repair operates out of Boston, has a pretty standard Google rating (If standard is defined by shitty) they have some consumer rights but they bury them in the site. What they do have are upfront costs and packages ranging from the low to the mid $100's. contract? Nope. Apparently the CROA mandate of a contract doesn't apply. They service nationwide, like we do, so that makes them fair game. Boast an impressive BBB rating, but anyone you pay for a rating can't be good, besides, between their stellar rating and shitty reviews someone has to be lying. You decide.

Credit 360°

Outfit run out of Miami, FL. I was very impressed with this company's website. Very clean and concise, some definite work went into this one. As a designer, I can always appreciate hard work. The site has a banner on the bottom with logos from Forbes to ABC News Corp. They deal in business funding and a bunch of other services. Credit Repair looks pretty good until you hit the part that explains they've deleted bankruptcies and student loans. Which is a) a crock of shit lie or b) an admission of violating federal law. Your guess is as good as mine. Sad, because they seem very professional. Not BBB rated, they pay Dunn & Bradstreet for their rating, which is a nice change to see. FICO certified is a nice touch. No advocacy and no laws. Pricing is not discussed, you have to call them. I won't but You can. You decide.

Sky Blue Credit Repair

Sky Blue Credit Repair. Outfit run out of Boca Raton, FL. Don't let the website fool you, they don't pack food for Sky Chef's  (common mistake, I'm sure) These guys have been around a while, mixed reviews from Google and offer month to month payments. They also have upfront costs and charge for credit reports. They state that they comply with the CROA, so that's good. But I couldn't find one single piece of information on consumer rights, advocacy or even a link to the FTC. Maybe they tell you your rights over the phone. I didn't bother to call, photos look like a call center to me. You decide.

Lexington Law

Lexington Law is an outfit out of Utah that has been in the business quite possibly longer than anyone else. Biggest advertiser there is, staffed by lawyers, and boasting success of millions. Google ratings don't even surpass 100, which is you know, odd. Upfront costs, and month to month payments in the low and mid $100's. Consumer rights and advocacy compliant. 

Google reviews are shitty (on par with Key Credit Repair) like most these guys are highly rated by the BBB. Pricey but may be worth it. You decide

Clean Slate Credit Solutions

Clean Slate Credit Solutions (no relation to us, we swear) operates out of New Jersey. We had to list them here because out of all we've seen, these guys take the cake. They have a high upfront cost and month to month service. No consumer rights or advocacy. Not CROA compliant, actually, CROA violators. The entire website violates Federal law, ethic law, fair and transparent business ethics and deceptive marketing practices. Promise to remove bankruptcies, liens and all debts. Operate multiple domains which point to the main site. This crew employs pay per delete business models. Involved in loans of some kind and supposedly have a lawyer on staff. Billed as "experts".  Sounds interesting to us, and by interesting we mean "fucking whack". You decide.

InCreditable Advisors 

InCreditable (play on word for Incredible) Advisors operates out of Indiana (go Hoosiers!). Boast about being the only bonded agency in Indiana. Having myself been through Indiana, I can tell you I believe it, since they don't have much of anything but fields and frigid weather. This site is impressive. Lots of info on student loans and loan forgiveness. A decent FAQ page. No CROA compliance anywhere, no consumer links or rights anywhere. No advocacy. The FCRA apparently doesn't apply to the Hoosier state. Can't find a price anywhere, so it's one of those call for a price, jobs. Like most shady operators, promise to remove negative information. Still, as websites go this is pretty nicely done. If they listed their pricing and complied with the law, I'd give a better review. May be worth someones time. You decide.

What our clients are saying about our advocacy initiatives & our voluminous hate Mail:

...Fuck 'em, They're just mad you're telling people the truth and they can't lie to people anymore and take their money. 

Jonathan M. - Burbank, OK. Client since 2018

Been bullshitted? There's a site for that

social media ad, series 240

"Pig's take flight!" Campaign 2018

No, pigs don't really fly, but they may as well. Our company charges less than a monthly mobile payment for full comprehensive service. We don't have hidden fees, file creation bs costs and aggressively advocate transparency among competitors. No flying pigs though, good thing too. Otherwise a pulled pork sandwich would be really hard to pin down.

Credit Docs

Credit Docs operating out of Georgia. This outfit has some kind of business funding/credit repair/software deal going on. They Operate as Credit Advisors but don't really have much by way of explanations under their services tab. Website is sparse and clean. No CROA compliance I can find, no advocacy, no laws, no nothing. You click the tabs and all the pages look the same. No pricing, no guarantees. Seems to be a funding company for start ups and people with little, poor and no credit history. I can't speak to the nature of these types of businesses because many are real, but "funding" and "little, no and poor" credit histories will always mean big fucking interests. It's good they also clean credit, chances are you may need them again at some point. Worth a look, I guess. You decide.

Point Boosters Credit Repair

Point Boosters Credit Repair, another outfit out of Georgia. I liked this place immediately... well, I liked that they boast about being veteran owned, which I think is really good for our country and our vets. That was about it. They charge upfront and out the ying yang. Pricing for everything from child support to charge offs, repos, etc. No advocacy, no CROA compliance. No FCRA links. The website is easy to navigate. This crew employs the pay per deletion model which seems low until you add it up. Nice try but I'm not convinced. You decide.

Garranteed Solutions

Garranteed Solutions, operating out of Wyoming, Michigan. Ok, I have mixed feelings about this one here. I like the site, very clean and very well done. I like the way it's structured, some thought went into this one. I even like Garr, the CEO of the company. Garr looks like an alright guy. And that's important, because the last thing you want to deal with is a shady bastard. However, there is some bad. I didn't find CROA compliance, I didn't find links to the FCRA, FTC, CFPB or even one law link. So they fail on that account. No advocacy. Clients pay for a credit monitoring set up (Credit Karma, which we recommend, does it for free). Charges upfront from the low 200's and monthly in the mid 100's. So that's a double whack of no ways. I like Garr, but I wouldn't pay Garr. Since I did live in Michigan, what I would do is drive into Grand Rapids, visit GRPD pizza and see Mike about a slice. I'd backtrack to Zeeland and drop in on my friend the Pink Bear, and then I'd visit Katie and Alex, up in Holland and who can forget beautiful Elizabeth... and my perky Em. As for Garranteed Solutions... meh. You decide.

Credit Pro Credit Repair

Credit Pro Repair, operating out of Brooklyn, New York. (Brooklyn, baby!) Manhattan has the buildings, but Brooklyn's got the class. Ok, this crew bills themselves as "certified credit experts" who "live, breath and sleep" all things credit. That's always a powerful boast. They may, but their Google reviews are fucking abysmal. They apparently don't "live, breath and sleep" customer satisfaction. No CROA complaince, no advocacy, no FCRA links, no consumer rights, no nothing. No pricing, so you have to call them. When I think Brooklyn I always think class, but this crew seems to run this shop out of a dirty garage with no stoop. Classy or not, I can't imagine these guys laying out a Brooklyn style beating on anyone's credit file, but they do boast removal of all those pesky things like student loans, foreclosures, charge offs, etc. Pretty bad as things go. They may have some success neighborhood wise, but I would go with someone else, fuhgedahbouhdit. You decide.

Been fucked with? There's a site for that.

Safe Credit Solution

Safe Credit Solutions operates out of Miami, FL. but they do have some connection to the happening town of Mineola, New York. (City slickers, no doubt). No pricing we can find, no consumer rights, no advocacy, no structure of any kind. They boast FICO certified operators, but have a pretty standard website. Don't look for much here, you have to call them. Google reviews look pretty good, except the local guide that calls them out as fake, go figure. You decide.

National Credit Clearing

National Credit Clearing is run out of Chicago. This outfit has some upfront pricing and lower month to month services. I found their webpage interesting. Doesn't look like much but it's a decent size crew. Their a la carte section reminded me of a buffet (think hibachi bar but without the tasty foods). A la carte items such as name changes and addresses. Very strange site. Not CROA compliant, no laws or advocacy. Maybe worth someone's time. I am suddenly craving hibachi. You decide.

Imax Credit Repair

Imax credit repair. Operating out of San Francisco and Los Angeles, CA. This company's website is very clean and sparse, almost Zen. No upfront costs, which is a relief. And programs start at the charming, affordable price of $849 dollars. That's right folks, EIGHT HUNDRED FORTY NINE FUCKING DOLLARS to START. Holy shit. Ok. No CROA laws, advocacy or notice. They do offer a downloadable form of the FCRA summary.

Registered with the California Dept of Justice, which is really good. That $849 dollar fee may seem unjust to some (like me) but I'm sure someone will find this of interest, much like some people find collecting fossilized animal shit interesting. You decide.

Go Clean Credit

Go Clean Credit, operating out of Alaska. Website is clean and easy to navigate, services several states including Florida, so you know this makes them fair game. No CROA compliance I can see, no consumer links, no advocacy. No pricing. They don't work with attorneys on staff but do mention an ambiguous list of "affiliates". The no pricing sucks, but they do have a money back guarantee and will remove those pesky bankruptcies and student loans so long as they are "incorrect". Also on the list of items they help with are liens, mortgages and charge offs. In the age of bullshit promises, there will always be mounds and heaps. Not sure if you'll need boots or a complete body suit when wadding into this one. Boast an A+ BBB rating. You decide.

Be on the lookout for: Credit Pilgrim

Spoof site owned by Lexington Law. They give advice with a bent towards pushing people to Lexington Law. Wonderful to discover these sites. I only wonder how many exist out there.
This is why Lexington Law is the biggest advertiser. Bullshit site. Might as well visit Lexington Law instead of going here. This site sends you there anyway.

Antonio Armenteros - Founder & Chairman, A Clean Slate Credit Consultants

Been scammed? There's a site for that.

Satori Credit Repair

Satori Credit Solutions,
Operating out of Tennessee, this website is included for shits and giggles, not because I think they merit any inclusion at all. Tennessee may be the volunteer state but they are way behind the 8 ball here. Satori is the only company I've seen that charges for a consultation. They charge $1 dollar (Maybe they got the whole idea from Donald Trump) however, they also have a coupon for $400 dollars off of their most premium package (but don't list the package price) so you know this one has to be good. Promise to remove all debts, charge offs, repos, etc. No CROA compliance, not FCRA compliant. No advocacy, no consumer rights. I really felt like calling and asking them questions, but then realized it would be pointless. $400 dollars off. Man, what generosity. This one takes the crock of shit award. Alas, true to my word; You decide.


CMS Operates out of Colorado. Standard bullshit site with standard bullshit copy paste. I was surprised to see a disclaimer on their site that reads: we receive rave reviews. Google has two reviews for them and none rave. (1 in particular seemed to register utter disgust) maybe this company operates out of some parallel universe where rave reviews means shit reviews. A question for the sages, no doubt. No CROA compliance, no rights. Look, this is a piece of shit. It's pointless to list what they lack. The company is garbage. Someone may like it, but I find it doubtful. You decide.

Improve Credit Consulting

Improve Credit Consulting, operates out of North Carolina. Ok, hold up. Sit down for this one. Boast upwards of 20 million dollars removed from clients! SUPPOSEDLY voted number 1 in the Carolinas. Google ratings are amusing but not the worst I've seen, so let's give them that one. Company services mortgages and is associated with some faruk mortgage association, but they also engage in credit repair. This folks, is called a conflict of interest. Maybe the Carolina's don't operate how the rest of the U.S. does. Hmm. Website boasts 14 years of experience. Experts here. Experts who don't list a single consumer right, a single advocacy link, law or even comply with the CROA. No pricing I can see, but reviews state the cost is around $400 dollars. Sounds just about right. I read their webpage and can summarize it thus: every other company is a scam, the media loves us and we are experts. Not a bad approach, if it were true. I'd rename the company: "Improv Credit Repair". Bullshit on a cracker folks? You decide.

New England Credit Consultants

New England Credit Consultants Operating out of Maine. Website is nice, plenty of pointless lighthouses and picturesque landscapes. Maine may be nice, but this is downright cliche. Website has a disclaimer stating they can not take customers and site is "restructuring", but they can apparently answer the phone. No compliance to anything remotely law related. No CROA compliance. No links, advocacy. Whoever built this site didn't even try. I stopped looking after 2 minutes. Scams, scams abound. When you think Maine, think Stephen King, at least his fantasies make sense... sort of. You decide.

Been lied to? There's a site for that.

National Credit Fixers

National Credit Fixers, operates out of Vermont. Ok, look, I'm trying to be objective here, but this is getting downright bizzare. National Credit Fixers is the answer to the question: What is Saul Goodman doing now that he can't practice law. This is where he's at. Never employ the word "fixers" into a sentence. Fixers? Get the fuck out of here. This company is funny. An embedded video of Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates and the pyramids greets its guests. I can understand Oprah and Bill, but what do the pyramids have to do with anything? Site boasts patriotic cheap logos and text with plenty of run-on sentences. Owner boasts of teaching his employees the "art" of credit repair. Art maybe, but art is subjective. Boasts 20,000 facebook fans, but 7 fucking Google reviews. No CROA compliance. No laws, no nothing. Art my ass. Their worse review calls them out as thieves. (Holy shit!) Mid 100's month to month. Every violation that can be found is listed here, for fucks sake. You decide. 

Great American Credit Repair

Great American Credit Repair. Operates out of Fort Lauderdale, FL. Website is as tacky as one would expect from anything with that name. Big eagle American flag motif right upside the center of the page. Part racist and part humorous. Let's start with the stuff that's missing from these "experts". CROA laws, CROA compliance, FCRA compliance or laws, advocacy, consumer links of any kind. All missing. Webpage is the typical modern bullshit with jumbled text. No pricing anywhere. I stopped looking after a few moments when my benefit of the doubt gave out. The funniest part was the review that read: "...Thank you for y'all help". Ok, hold up. No one writes y'all. No one. This is bullshit. They may say y'all, but they won't write it. Someone going out of their way to write this has got to be a moron. Anyway, this company doesn't seem to have much going for it, not even the money back triple reward warranty. Warranty and guarantee are two different things. Warranty covers appliances and machines, moving parts and labor. Guarantee covers sales, services and agreements. These people call it a warranty. Special 50% off for clients who go past 1 year with them! Gee how nice. Regardless, take a look so you see it's not just me. You decide.

Velocity Credit Repair

Velocity Credit Repair, operates out of West Palm Beach, FL. Their website gave me eyestrain. I'd love to talk to their webmaster and inquire as to WHY the TEXT IS SO FUCKING SMALL?!! You may need a magnifying glass to get through it. Total piece of shit website. Boasts all sorts of crazy promises including that illusive 750 score. Yeah, right. No CROA compliance. No laws, no consumer rights, no advocacy, no common sense, no design principles. My eyes are still going out of whack. What garbage. Boasts millions of satisfied customers. Boasts being the choice of some faruk chamber of commerce. Bull-shit, mierda y basura. No pricing. No nothing. Who in their right mind would go with this shit? You decide

Alcazar Credit Repair

Alcazar Credit Repair operating out of Coral Gables, FL. (Alcazar is the name of the street) You know you have a problem when your company only has one review and it's left there by the guy that owns the business AND he identifies himself in the review and as the reviewer. (I'll wait while you finish laughing before we move on) This company normally wouldn't get posted here because to do so, you'd need at least 5 reviews, but this was too funny to pass up. A lot of people give themselves reviews, and some others either pay for it or invite their Facebook friends and such (News flash: Google isn't stupid, nor is anyone else). But that's one thing, leaving a review for yourself, praising yourself, and then making it a 4 star review at that, this is hilarious. I mean, you've already gone out there, why make it a 4 star? Because he knows he's an asshole and didn't want to go and be too conspicuous. Lordy. Visit the Google listing for Alcazar Credit Repair before Google takes it down. Muricio Rivera praises... Mauricio Rivera! But, Muricio Rivera is an enployee there and part owner. Not an FCRA compliant company, no CROA, no links, no consumer rights, no nothing. Pricey, but you do get a little diploma once you pay enough, so that's nice. I can't review them all (I do have a life), but this was too funny to pass up. As with everything we do, you decide. (*update, photo added up top*)

What our clients are saying about our advocacy initiatives & our voluminous hate Mail:

Someone had to do what you are doing, it couldn't go on the way it has for so long. People deserve the truth without so much crap.

Isel F. Zimmerman, former client & friend

Been shafted? There's a site for that.

Be on the lookout for:

This company markets itself as a leading resource for the top Credit Repair Organizations operating today. The problem exists where their compensation is concerned. They make money every time someone signs up with those they list. They reserve the right to limit the list to those who they make money from and not anyone else. anyone you can pay you can influence. This is not a neutral site, they are out to profit from referals. We don't pay anyone. The Government is your watchdog and our oversight. Something, they forgot to mention.

Antonio Armenteros - Founder & Chairman, A Clean Slate Credit Consultants

Fix It Jesus! Credit Repair

Ok. I'm unconventional, I get it. But I swear I'm not making this shit up. Fix it Jesus! Credit Repair... operating out of Facebook! This guy is fucking wild. I thought it was a joke, apparently... it's not. The guy dresses like our savior and refers to himself as The biblical Jesus.
Man, what can I say? What can one say to this? Alright, our lord and savior apparently came back and did so as a Credit Consultant. No CROA or FCRA compliance. No advocacy. No telephone number (damn shame), no nothing but blasphemy and hilarity. All bullshit aside, this may actually work in the bible belt. I never considered going to hell as an option for most shady operators and scam artists, but if the old testament is correct, this guy just got a front row pass (even ahead of politicians and Enron executives). Worth a look, will try to post his video online to show I can't make this shit up. A cease and desist order would be worth it. You decide.

Scott's Credit Repair

Scott's Credit Repair, operates out of Alabama. Lets see: no CROA laws, No FCRA compliance, no advocacy. Shitty reviews on Google (2.6 and holding) guy gets called out as a thief and scam artist. Website boasts 110% money back guarantee if after a year you have no results. One year, people. Anyway the website has plenty of photos of Maserati's and big houses. The guy looks like a cross between Flavor Flav and the Rev. from Coming to America (minus the jerry curls). Funny but not much else. You decide.

Credit 1 USA

Credit 1 USA is Another Alabama operator. Finally, after researching competitors, I get a refreshing breath of Holy Fuck! This company has no website! But plenty of shitty reviews. The owners here are slammed continually for lying, cheating, over charging, recklessly driving ad plastered sports cars and cutting people off! Now THAT's advertising! Damn, I wish they did have a site. Do I need to call these people CROA and FCRA violators? Do we need to go further than their reviews? You decide.

Credit Glory Credit Repair

Credit Glory Credit Repair, operating out of Washington, DC. I figured those sharing business space with the seat of government would be a good place to find compliance. I figured wrong. This company has no compliance to CROA, no laws, advocacy, no consumer rights, no nothing. Another cookie cutter bullshit operation. Google ratings give it a perfect 5 stars. Charge upfront to the tune of the low 200's and monthly low 100's. Where is the justice here? They bill as experts. No doubt. You decide.

Credit Coach & Business Funding

Credit Coach & Business Funding,
Operates out of Oklahoma. Ok, right off the bat the website is the same as the last 800 or so I have seen. Which means it looks cheap and sparse. Maybe I'm missing something here... is this a new trend? Is this the "less is more" mentality? Or is this the "less is more, more or less" mentality?
The website offers just what it says in the name; credit repair and business funding. The owner looks like a nice person, but business is not for the nice, it's for the astute. Lesson 1. No CROA compliance. No FCRA compliance. No consumer rights, no advocacy. No links. No disclaimer. No pricing I can find, you have to call them. Slogan is "reach for the moon, even if you miss you'll fall among the stars". Unfortunately stars are millions of light years away from the moon. Compliance with the law would have a better review here for sure. As it stands, while maybe not 100% bullshit this one is definitely in the 40% range. Bring a small shovel. You decide.

100 Percent Financed

100 Percent Financed,
Operates out of Georgia (Georgia seems to be the happening place). They are mentioned here because they list Credit Repair as part of their services. Apparently they don't do it for you or list your rights, but offer to show you how to do it yourself. The guy running the show is named Pablo and he looks harmless enough. They have some kind of package deal where you get an e-book titled: "How to quit your day job". Sounds like professional advice right there. They don't have CROA compliance, FCRA compliance or advocacy links. They don't have consumer rights. They do have a credit "expert" who's bio reads like a personal ad on Craigslist. Anyway, they preach some kind of passive income thing. Real estate investment and using debt to create wealth. They make some pretty wild claims in a very subtle manner. I'm used to the exaggerated style like those get rich quick Chinese midgets with the big yachts full of bimbos. (I like my bullshit schemes elaborately done, that's just me) these people may be different. They seem to get results based on their 3 reviews. Mention an ambiguous list of 200 lenders but don't link to a single one. (Admittedly they state that the program is strange and not for everyone) which is good to see. Someone may find this interesting and not just at the Securities and Exchange Commission. You decide 

Resolutions Made Easy Credit Repair

RME, Operating out of Miami, FL. This place greets you with the slogan "An honest credit repair company you can trust". The page looks like it was built out in about 2 hours (I'm being generous here), and the about us tab sums them up in one sentence: ..."privately held company doing business for six years." Professional association that lists not one single law, not CROA compliant, not FCRA compliant, no advocacy, no consumer rights. Google reviews look good at a near perfect 4.9, so let's give them that one for now. Very strange company with not much to say. No directors listed. I could do a public record search and find them in about 2 mins, but what would be the point of it? These guys obviously are top notch self promoters. Probably be better off punching yourself in the groin and burning your wallet than going with this crew, but that's just my opinion. You decide.

Crazy Credit Repair

Crazy Credit Repair, operating out of Miami, FL. At last, some truth in advertising from a competitor. This crew lists items for removal that are astonishing. A sample includes: Repos, foreclosures, bankruptcies, liens and medical. No laws at all, not CROA compliant, CROA violators. (That makes 2 for sure and 70 maybes. Not bad.) Not FCRA compliant, no advocacy, no consumer rights. Experts, baby! The site looks like most others, cheap and slapped together. I am getting bored with this. I prefer an actual company to work with, this is embarrassing. I bet the only time their phone rings it's a crank call. Bring the rubber pants for this one. You decide.

Be on the lookout for:

This company markets itself as a leading resource for the top Credit Repair Organizations operating today. There's only the problem that all companies listed with them are "partners" or paying subscribers. You pay to be listed. And anyone you can pay you can influence. We don't pay anyone. The Government is your watchdog.

Antonio Armenteros - Founder & Chairman, A Clean Slate Credit Consultants

"Cluck it, dude. Take a chance"

Our advocacy markets our competitors businesses as well as our own. We don't endorse anyone so this is as close as we come. Some are garbage, others are thieves and others do the work for $$ to $$$$. We say, take a chance, cluck it.

Clean Slate Consulting Credit Repair

(I believe this guy has copied me, but he'd have to die and be born again to stand in my shadow, so it's ok.)

Clean Slate Consulting Credit Repair, operating out of Miami, FL. (This company was incorporated 2.5 months after ours, with a name very, very similar to ours. Naturally, I took some interest and asked our counsel to look into it. So far, it seems like one of those anomalies of life). They have visited our site (we track IP's, remember) and so far I am happy to see they offer a military discount amd prices for seniors. Fucking A! I don't know the guy who owns it or anyone that works with him, but you know damn well this wasn't an original idea. There is no website to go to, and he's on Facebook and operates a brick and mortar office. Close name but not us by a long shot. This usually means a name search wasn't done prior to incorporation. No big deal, literally. What "literature" I could find is strictly amateur hour. Nice multicolored fonts and typefaces. Looks like it was created on Microsoft paint by a teenie bopper. The gist is this: Professional association with about 17 years experience in finance, insurance and mortgages. Professional? Maybe. No CROA compliance. No FCRA compliance or advocacy links. No consumer rights. No CFPB links, no attorney general public statement. Not bonded. Nada. Diligent? Not a snowballs chance in hell.
Offers a coupon through Yelp and online for 50% off the start up fee. $80 month to month for exactly 10 months. So that's about $840 dollars for this program. Which is you know, fucking highway robbery. No mention of a contract, or a money back guarantee. I don't mind someone coming to my site, (competitor or client), but for fucks sake read the laws that are there for everyone to follow nationwide. I didn't write, interpret, or alter them, The fucking Congress did. There are hits and there are misses, and then there are misses. Guess which this one falls into? You decide.

Ovation Credit Repair

Ovation Credit Services, operating oit of Miami, FL. I was almost about to give this company a standing ovation myself, then I saw it. The customer reviews. Out of 49 reviews they rate an overall 2.9! Not very good on the customer service. Hit list includes: overcharging, dilly-dallying, slow response times, no call backs, no cancellation, high pressure sales tactics, etc. Pretty shallow. Their site is actually good, which is strange. They do have the FCRA compliance, but not one CROA link. No advocacy. No links to consumer rights over and above what they "interpret". Nevertheless, the FAQ' s page was pretty good. They charge upfront for the standard bullshit file creation and $89 month to month. Partial money back guarantee (Not full). Been in business about 15 years, more than enough time to GET WITH THE FUCKING PROGRAM. These people sent a client to collections! Which is an illegal shit move since the FCRA prohibits charging for work not done, hence sending someone to collections for something that is paid month to month, is plain assholery. Very strange (Reviewer: Lisa Marie Camp, drop us a line, we have the CFPB links right on the main page and I'll do your file for a dollar, just to prove a point. This offer is open).  I'm not sure where the professionalism ends and the bullshit begins but look, visit the site, see for yourself and you decide.

Credit People

Credit People, operating out of Utah. We may have a winner here!!!! (Lexington Laws' neighbor) All their Wall Street Journal shit aside, this company has achieved a great and easy website. Information is simple and silly, but effectively easy to digest. The little cartoons floating around the page are annoying but gamers probably designed this site, so you take what you can get. No FCRA or CROA compliance, no advocacy, no consumer rights page or links. Special pricing and $69 per month.  But... The BBB who they pay have them at a 2.3 rating out of 5. Various sites have them at 3.5 to 4.0 (some sites they pay, ok and we don't list those). I think this one stands a fair chance at being less on bullshit and just better at shitty service on occasion. On the Bullshit-o-meter, I'd say a decent 35% bullshit. Beggars can't be choosers, I guess. But who's begging? They call themselves super heroes. Dilusions of grandeur? You decide

Credit Repair . Com

Credit Repair. Com
Operates out of many states, this company is a straight up business, up front and month to month in the low 100's. No CROA compliance, no FCRA compliance, no consumer links. Links are limited to loan information and how to dispute credit. I'm tired of this. All companies look the same, sound the same, repeat the same boring diatribe. I wouldn't go with them, but someone might. Most of their reviews come from companies they pay, so I won't mention them here. I only trust Google, you can't remove those or buy them off.

You decide.

CPR Credit

CPR Credit Repair, operating out of Miami, FL. Very direct language here, they dispel with all the "fine print" and instead tell it like it is. Only problem is, they actually tell it like it ain't.
This company states it serves Miami and Nationwide for 10 years. In that time they have not complied with CROA or FCRA nor provided their website with consumer rights, advocacy, links or laws. No contract. Not much by way of general common sense explanations (they dispute errors on your files. No shit Sherlock.) They explain that they don't charge a fortune. Well that's a relief. Instead they charge between $249-$499 in a one time flat rate (upfront) with no more to pay. Which just so happens to VIOLATE FEDERAL & STATE LAW.
Guarantee? Yeah, they have one but it's ambiguous at best. They guarantee their work, period.
But nothing by way of a mention of what this means. I imagine this falls into the "fine print" category which they hate. News flash: this country runs on fine print, because it is in the fine print where ones rights reside. If they don't like it small, make it BIG bold print, like I do. Especially when I call you guys out for being DOUCHBAGS for not trying to educate your consumers. Sounds as fun as a root canal. These guys could probably charm paint off of walls. You decide

Credit Scoring Advisor

Credit Scoring Advisor. This company is pretty funny, it doesn't read like a website, more like a collection of shit. Look, a graphic artist knows that typeface is an art form, literally. Type is the first form of art. Unless you are Paula Scher, no human should ever be allowed to run multiple typefaces, in varying color across a page. Ever. These people didn't get that lesson. Gave me eyestrain just looking at it. Promise the whole host of bullshit, raising scores, deleting files and boast certification. So called "experts" who have absolutely no compliance to anything remotely CROA or FCRA. No advocacy, no links, no nothing. The best part is, the ultra fine print that says they can't promise scores rising but right above it do just that. Work with an ambiguous group of "specialty attorneys" and may sue on your behalf and "make you money". Don't list pricing, you have to call them up. They boast certification from those mills that sell them after Fannie Mae stopped doing it. If these are experts, I'm daffy duck. Feel free to slip on the boots and rubber pants for this one. You may want to grab a shovel and umbrella while you're at it, something tells me it will come from all directions. Leave the bullshit-o-meter at home, you wouldn't want to break it. You decide.

Clean Slate Credit

Clean Slate Credit, (not related to us), operating out of Alabama. This site looks ok at first, a bit sparse, but others are like that. I bounced around a bit looking at the design and then got to reading. The guy that owns the company is named Frazier, and he bills himself as the "Owner/Credit Guru" So you know, this makes him fair fucking game. He was a banker at some point, so that's good. And he's FICO certified, possibly FICO SAP, it doesn't say. The problem is Mr. Guru doesn't say anything of note. Not CROA compliant. Not FCRA compliant. No advocacy (an area named Education is there, but it just lists link to bullshit sites which sell you courses). Mr. Guru runs a company but doesn't list pricing, so you have to call him up. I have mixed feelings about this one. It could be better if he obeyed the law and didn't dick around. If he did that, he could call himself Yoda and I'd give him a better review. My bullshit-o-meter rates this one at about 50% bullshit with the chance of more bullshit to come. This may be worth someones time. If you go with him, ask him if he's friends with Sai Baba, that's another Guru, but alas, far more popular as he could pull gems out of his mouth and such. See what this one can pull out of his ass. You decide

Legal Credit Solution

Legal Credit Solution, operating out of Puerto Rico. Hold up, this one is sad. I know there are hundreds of people operating and claiming all kinds of B.S. in the U.S., but Puerto Rico is a different issue. First of all, about 45% of the people live below the poverty line. The middle income of the island is between $16,000 to $22,000 U.S. dollars. So when anyone scams you to the tune of $600 to $1,500 it really, REALLY hurts.

This company manages to still make money, even though the average review is holding at 1.5! On Google. 1.5! Reviews here are horrible. Customers complain and no one seems to care. Because no one seems to know that: Puerto Rico comes under the protection of the CFPB, FTC, FCRA and CROA laws. It is a commonwealth and as such is protected by most U.S. laws. The citizenry don't seem to know this. So I'm going to do something about it. Website: scam on wheels. No laws, nothing at all.

Plenty of pixelated photos and empty offices. The outside of the building looks like a flop house. They have multiple payments $100 & $60 dollars far exceeding 9 months.

Plus the standard rape of $400 dollars upfront. I have some contacts in P.R. news organizations, let's have some fun with these assholes. In the meantime, You decide

Fix Credit P.R.

Fix Credit P.R., another bullshit firm operating out of Puerto Rico. 3 reviews for them on Google, 2 are OBVIOUS fakes. The only real one is the detailed one. Woman (Liz Lugo) got reamed, steamed and dry cleaned out of her money. (This is why I'm so vocal and angry, if people competed fairly I'd be picking daisy's). Horrible review, disastrous. I am not sure just what I can do about this review, but I'm going to make a suggestion to Puerto Rico as a whole: Seek help OUTSIDE the island. Don't trust these "mamaos" & "pendejos". You decide.

609 Credit

609 credit/Blue Island LLC, operating out of Hawaii. If Tai Lopez wins the The Golden Douchbag award, this enterprising motormouth should recieve the coveted crock of shit award. 609 Credit is not a Credit Repair Organization, it is one of those "learn the secret" type of scams. I don't normally list the company charter name, but made an exception for those who need to know who to sue. This company's "expert" looks to be about 21 years old. He preaches that the 609 letter can get you out of debt because the gist is you question the validity of the debt. Ex: It's my car loan, but prove it!

These types of scams are very obvious. What These geniuses did is took a bong hit and went over the FCRA, found an actual process amd decided to exploit it to trip you up. Since all they do is sell letter templates, you're left holding the bag and they are indemnified. Boooooring. Kind of like the validation letter only more stupid. They sell kits folks. CD's, DVD's and the templates. Average cost about $100 dollars. Look, if you truly must do this, check out a piracy website and rob 'em of their stuff (that's what piracy sites do. Besides, some pirate originally paid for it, so relax) The kid promises free airline travel. No compliance to anything remotely law related. Total bullshit? You decide.

Easy Does it Credit Repair 

Easy Does it Credit Repair, operating out of Arizona. These guys advertise. I haven't caught their ad yet, but I hear they stick those annoying ads all over Youtube. Someone sent this one in, and voila: Our review.

The company website is standard, color blocks that actually do work well together (I have a design major, remember?) The info is the same 'ol tired bullshit. Yadda, yadda, yadda, we FIX your credit. No laws, not CROA compliant, not FCRA compliant. No advocacy. No links, nothing new. The pricing includes the standard wallet rape and high monthly fees. The site is run by some dude named Eddie. Eddie's are usually cool people: EDDIE VAN HALEN, EDDIE MONEY & EDDIE VEDDER. This Eddie doesn't come close.. If you want it without vaseline, go with this crew. Not as full of shit as some on here, but the meter rates this one at a decent 48%. Alas, that's my opinion. You Decide.

Clean Credit Repair

Clean Credit Repair, operating out of their ass, listed in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Ok, this one is really interesting.
Remember Arsenio Hall? Things that make you say hmm? Anyway, I'm 41, bare with me. This is one of those companies that really astound you, just at the moment when you think you've seen it all and can't be astounded. The "company" preaches about transparency and advises it's visitors to avoid "scams", then proceed to their pitch. Credit Repair for... The rich. Tada! Prices range from between $750 to $3,500 dollars!!!! Holy Shit, man. Amazing!!!! Supposed to be founded by lawyers. I say "suppose" because not one fucking name is listed here. Not one law degree. Not one hint of a practice anywhere. Venturing deeper into the bizarre, I can't find the owners in public records statewide. And if I can't find them, you'll need a P.I.
Let's get to the fun shit and then we can come back to this. The "program" consists of levels which are: Platinum, Diamond and VIP. (Reminded me of a strip club) the pricing is astronomical, the promisses phenomenal. Bankruptcies, liens, mortgages, charge offs, basically the works. Each level includes representation by their lawyer (which I cannot find). Each level involves lawsuit intimidation letters (which do not work), each level contains a warranty of sorts. They say they outsource, they say they work in bulk, they say they have partner affiliates across the U.S., alright. But no names for these affiliates, no emails where to contact them, no explanation of what outsourcing means to them (we don't outsource. Vertical Integration is a better model. Cost effective too. But hold up). These people advise visitors of scams by showing them how to hover over a link and see where the message goes. (Insert wild laughter here). That doesn't mean anything. I do that.) An email forward comes with a website or you pay for it. It forwards emails from the host serves to your email. And? This Means what?? They don't say.
Pricing includes some kind of law service, and they say that their partners are still "in law school". Crazy. On and on. Not CROA compliant, not FCRA compliant, no advocacy links, no consumer rights, no names associated with site, no listed directors, no lawyers anywhere. Nothing that would explain to the public how they are vetted or where they are licensed. Public records doesn't even list the company. The Dept of State, corporations division has never heard of them. A WHOIS search reveals a cloaked name, registered through and managed by a private server out of Arizona. No forwarding information. Someone really, really, REALLY doesn't want to be linked to this site. And, I think I know why...

They are not lawyers. It has to be a scam. A scam, warning people of scams by explaining that the cursor can reveal all sins. Hmm. Jeff Bezos hand delivered his packages, and he owns Amazon. Starting small holds no shame. This company is a shell company eastablished to route a merchant account. Either that or the lawyer, if it even is a lawyer, won't place himself or herself near it because he or she knows it violates the law. Which law? Every fucking law on the planet for starters. I'm going to keep looking into this one, if even for shits and giggles. I personally think it is tied to a bank account offshore. Worth a visit, if even for laughs at this audacity. Anyone sinks $3,000 plus into this phantom site deserves to get robbed. You Decide.

Dirty mouth? Oh Lord yes.

It was never intentional to be so funny, I actually speak the way I write. However, I do realize there is an absurdist satirical thread I ended up working into the overall feel of the site. I don't particularly care what a person does, but I'm very big about people not being deceived.

Ecredit Hero

EcreditHero, oprating out of the Twilight zone. This one took me a moment to understand. First of all, the website is more like 4 pages of text. It sits inside another website which is associated to JP Morgan Chase, which after some searching has absolutely nothing to do with ecredithero. Cute though, nice way to associate with a mega lender. The company makes an offer I can't understand. It says it markets a free service yet does not list the service. It stays there, ambiguous. I like the way the CEO talks, she would probably have a career selling cars (I find it humorous to listen to bullshit from seemingly charming and educated people) but she never comes to the point. Anyway, this financial insider does not list one law, no advocacy, no pricing, no nothing. I'm not sure what to make of this. So I did the only logical thing I could think of. I printed out the page and folded it into a paper airplane and flinged it out my window. Not surprisingly it twirled sadly and nose dived onto the pavement below. Poorly constructed? Maybe. Weighted down with bullshit? Perhaps. If you figure out what this site means let me know. Baffled. You decide

Credit Lab

Credit Lab, operates out of Pennsylvania. Little site, clean and corporate-ish or striving to appear this way. No CROA compliance. No FCRA compliance. No advocacy. Not much by way of explanation. Pricing features more of the same: upfront fees and high monthly maintenance. Letters folks. Letters. Maybe worth someone's time. You decide.

Pyramid Credit Repair

Pyramid Credit Repair, operating out of who knows where?! The company site is very clean and sparse, another Zen type site. Easy to navigate, is a plus. They don't have advocacy, not CROA compliant, not FCRA compliant. No laws, no links. Nothing but b.s. they include multiple services into each package which is good, but charge too much for both of them. (Low to mid hundreds). The FAQ's page is not very clear on how they bill. It reads FREE, but states that it charges 5 to 15 days after engaging. Which is a cute way of saying they will charge you after the legal limit permissible by law (5 to 15 days after signing up), they offer a 50% off for new clients which is nice, since most new clients are GOUGED by being charged about $100 to $199 dollars. Note: nothing is free, except of course the annual reports, which... uh, anyone can get without going through them. Boast 250+ agents. Boast they drink a lot of coffee (oddly enough they don't mention the crack they must be smoking). Supposedly a professional association. Not sure how that's possible since they don't follow the law. The no contract bit always makes me laugh. A joke? You decide.

The Credit Repairmen

The Credit Repairmen, operating out of Texas. This one is funny with a capital F. Ok, first of all it has no laws, no advocacy, no consumer rights, statements or anything else. Not CROA compliant, not FCRA compliant. No pricing listed, no contract provided. The FAQ's upset me, very condescending. Under the question "can I do this myself?" The answer is insulting. They take examples of mechanics, doctors and Hollywood directors. Ok, hold up. If they are experts I'm Captain Hook. First of all, never condescend anyone, especially if you are morons (which this firm clearly must have on staff). People have the right to do things themselves if they want to, it doesn't matter who they are, what language they speak or if they vote Democrat. I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, but fuck it. This is a perfect example of how not to run a company. I got a movie idea for them: A story about a guy who builds out a credit repair company in his mother's basement, can't get customers, resorts to trickery and bullshit, still can't survive, gets into prostitution, starts doing hardcore drugs, slathers himself in Crisco, rolls around in cornflakes, takes a double whack of coke and flings himself into traffic directly in front of a Budweiser truck. Douchbags here?! In my opinion yes, alas, you decide.

The Credit Repair Experts

The Credit Repair Experts, operating out of Miami Gardens I think (Country Club Florida) the website is unfinished and published so it makes it a cross between funny and sad. They don't seem to have much to say other than the normal b.s. but maybe that's a good thing. They have 10 Google reviews and all are good, but I'd bet my socks they were all reviewed by friends or friends of friends. Very strange site. I can't imagine anyone calling here. Not FCRA or CROA compliant. No advocacy. I felt like completing their website for them, then realized how funny that sounded. Not the crem-de-la-crem of bullshit because I've seen worse. Still, unprofessional up the ying-yang. The expression that comes to mind is: go big or go home. These guys never got out of bed. You decide.

Credit Solution Experts

Credit Solution Experts, operates out of Lauderhill, FL. First of all I have mixed feelings about this guy, I like his website, more or less. He has a fairly well built out site. He is ex military which I can respect, even though he doesn't offer discounts to vets or personnel, but to each his/her own. The website talks about the FCRA but doesn't have the disclosures that are required by federal law, so that's bad. It promises to remove negative items, not inaccurately reported items. So the wording is wrong. It doesn't have advocacy and includes the standard wallet rape and monthly fees. This company employs the pay-per-delete model, sort of. They are all over the place. I'm mixed about it because I don't believe the guy did it intentionally. When you've reviewed as many companies as I have, you can spot trends. I couldn't spot it here. Bullshit? Perhaps some, but if he didn't have the wallet rape, didn't have the mixed bag pricing, didn't fuck around and post the federal rights, I'd give him a better review. I wouldn't use him, but someone might find this doable. 40% bullshit I'd say. You decide.

Supreme Credit Repair

Supreme Credit Repair, operating out of Fort Lauderdale, FL.
At last. A company going in the right direction... sort of.
I like this one. I was so impressed I had to conduct a search, seems legit. They list the laws!!! They have them available to the public. Very cool. All it took was going through 1,000 websites!
This crew doesn't have much to say about itself, so I looked them up. The company is run by two people and some guy with the title of COO (probably a lawyer or the registered agent, who knows).
I liked that they were clean and concise, they may have the pay-per-delete model or may not, I am not sure. Pricing mystified me, it's not clear. They list all the bells and whistles for removal and don't specify what is legal or illegal to remove. I am still churning through this one. I like the name, supreme. Made me think of Taco Bell and all that Taco Bell stands for; indigestion, heartburn and the runs. Would I use these guys? Nope, but can someone find them useful? Perhaps. They aren't all bullshit it would seem, just about 35% and in this town, that's not bad. You decide.

Which way to the donkey show??!

I love this crazy dude. Before my hate mail triples, let's get something straight. Right or wrong, this man makes the presidency look fun. He cusses, tells off reporters, calls out other billionaires, has a battalion of tough lawyers, "allegedly" has sex with porn stars, threatens world leaders and sells nice ties. I didn't get to vote, but would have for him. It's a guaranteed 4 years of entertainment.

Cheap Delete Credit Repair

Cheap Delete Credit Repair, operating out of your guess is as good as mine. Company looks good and I like the complicated pricing, it works like this: They give a value of $20 per item to be deleted per bureau, so in 3 bureau's it would be $60 for one item. They also charge a membership fee of $19.95 monthly for a term of 3 months. (So that's roughly $60) now, if you pay the membership fee they change each item to $9.95. So let's say you have 3 items to be challenged or deleted, in 3 bureau's and you are a member you pay: $109.00 monthly. My arithmetic is a bit off by pennies but my common sense isn't. This is a pay per delete model with a monthly fee. Looks cheap, but it isn't. The Site looks good design wise. It has a red cross on it, which means you'll need a doctor at some point or they plan on nailing you to it. Not FCRA or CROA compliant. No consumer rights or links. No advocacy. I'm not sure this works, seems complex to me, but someone may find this helpful, the way they find a sock useful when they have to go in the middle of nowhere. Not for me, you decide.

LTJ Credit Repair

LTJ Credit Repair, operating out of, Orlando, FL. LTJ advertises a pay-per-delete model which is the lowest I've seen. At $5 bucks. With one little tiny catch. It requires a $299.00 payment upfront for ah, "Credit Analysis fee", which is a cute euphemism for "wallet rape fee" or my favorite, "FCRA violation fee". They don't have FCRA compliance or CROA or any of those pesky things like CONSUMER RIGHTS. The terms seem a tad complex to me, but someone may find this useful... ok, just kidding, they probably won't. You decide.

NGA Credit Repair

NGA Credit Repair, operating out of Doral, FL. They charge monthly at $49.00 which is good (lower than us) but charge upfront at $99.00 for a "set up fee". You readers should know how I feel about "set up fees", eh? Set up fees are bullshit fees. No CROA compliance, no FCRA, no consumer rights, advocacy, etc. I'm getting bored with this. When I began I envisioned hundreds of sites all reviewed, I've done about 60 and already I'm bored. Maybe I can hire a gaggle of Graphic Design interns and let them loose. Blurry photos are always a nice touch. Useless garbage and the same stale crap. You decide.

Credit Innovation Group Credit Repair

Credit Innovation Group, operating out of I don't give a shit. Small site, one page which scrolls down. Experts at last!!! Just kidding. No CROA compliance, no FCRA compliance, no advocacy, no nothing. Blurry logo photo and images. Are people even trying? Not sure. I'd rather let a lion eat a pork chop out of my underwear a la Steve-o, than go with this company. You decide.

Credit Warriors

Credit Warriors, operating out of Connecticut. Ok, this place makes me scratch my head. First of all, it is like many other sites in that it doesn't comply with the FCRA and CROA compliance to full disclosure, but so what? Nearly no one does it and no one seems to care. Let's move on. The website doesn't list a single officer or name them (anyone up to searching the Connecticut dept of corporations??). These people have some kind of package deal going but I can't figure out what's in the package. I think it's letters, and they seem to push the 609 letter as a cure-all. There's only one problem with this. The section 609 of the FCRA is used to combat IDENTITY THEFT ISSUES and not all issues. So you see, the "609" letter is really taken out of context. They don't tell you this, and the whole thing mixes information together to sort of prop up the argument for it in the first place.
So they sell letters, ok. And they sell DIY information (betcha we give away more for free). They have a video that tells you "who they are" that wouldn't play. I don't know how much bullshit is here, but I wouldn't risk the bullshit-o-meter on this one. The thing may break. I haven't had the time to peruse as often as I'd like, but this site looks like it would make interesting reading to the kindly people at the FTC. On a related topic, the design is plenty of stock photos of hipster like twenty-something's in wool caps, yet I've seen better logos on amateur adult home "movies". This company needs to make some sense so I can laugh easier. As it is, I'm confused. I'd rather slather myself in teriyaki sauce and jump in a pool of chicken wings at John Goodman's house than go with these people, but who the hell knows. You decide.

Credit Station Inc.

Credit Station Inc.

Alllllll abooooooard! Operating out of Jacksonville, FL. I hit the landing page and saw a train and thought, "what an interesting archetype" (We'll get to this later) so I started bouncing around the site, kicking the proverbial tires. I was perusing their questions when I heard a low muffled voice. I began searching under the cushions, under the notebook, no voice found. On it goes. On I search. I... lifted cushions, tossed aside the tv guide, lifted the couch, got in the kitchen, ransacked the fridge! Threw the cupboard down, ravioli cans whacked the cat upside the head. The voice droned on in a deadpan tone. What the fuc-

Then it hit me. It's coming from the tablet. Eurika! I grab it, the voice going on is coming from the website. It isn't the conductor of the train! It's some dude. I begin to settle down again. This is how it works. $149 upfront for a uhm, a review of some kind and then $99.00 a month. No CROA compliance or FCRA on website. Education is limited to the same bullshit everyone everywhere says. Raise your score, yada yada. Seems alright. They don't make any wild bullshit claims here that I could find. I finally shut the voice up, it runs on some kind of trigger sensor. A steel train rolling through a tunnel... it's a good thing I'm not a Freudian. Yeah. I won't board this train but someone might. Keep your hands and legs inside the moving car and bring the rubber boots just in case. May be helpful to somebody. You decide.