"Being green is easy, being broke is a bitch."

- Kermit from his interview with A CLEAN SLATE CREDIT



Introducing... There's a site for that.

Advocacy can come in many shapes and forms. It can be an ad warning you not to Jay walk because a truck can whack you out or it can be in the form of a reminder that someone's got your back. It can be polite; it can be crass. We do things our way, so kiss our ass. (Nice, eh?) There's a site for that will appear in every page at different places, reminding our guests that there are government and state agencies that actually assist with oversight of Consumer Rights.

- Chairman & Founder

"If you've been breached, lock your credit files up tighter than a crabs ass with free lifetime monitoring.

Don't cost nothin'."

Been bullshitted? There's a site for that