Say it ain't so


Who exactly is Mr. Fabulous?

Mr. Fabulous is the moniker for me, Antonio Armenteros. Like the names Mr. Shazam and Mr. Shabam, it's a name given to me by clients who have been happy with the work and completely surprised at how light hearted I am. It's just a name. Who I am is a Cuban American writer & development expert. A businessman by passion, a marketing genius by self proclamation and an art director because no one I've met can operate at my wavelength.

I'm easy going. Anyone who doubts this should have a look around this website.

I think of myself as fair and diligent (we do Pro Bono work and serve Americans with advocacy and service at a price point that was previously unheard of) and I also think of myself as a decent guy. Vulgar? Yes. Profane? Certainly. Fed up and non filtered? You fucking better believe it. A liar and a cheat? Nope.


For the past year or so, I've been bashed repeatedly by competitors and trolls. Other than shrugging it off and calling them out, I haven't done anything about it. One company I filed an FTC complaint against, but that was it. trolls troll, they know their reasons, and quite frankly it's boring. What do they say, that I don't say myself? I am vulgar, I am blunt, I do say it like I see it. I am politically incorrect, I do call feminists "alright broads". And? So what??!

Nada, as far as I can tell. Yet, my site gets called a joke and a scam and porn. I take offense at this. You can't call this website those things without mentioning the donkey. So very much is represented by that donkey, and I won't have some piece of shit hater hating on me and not going all the way.

Yes this website is unconventional. I know it. I run the damned thing. yes, it is different. I have a suckling roast pig with a bread roll between its legs. Hello??!

I do employ photos of strippers, call girls, gold diggers, puppets, punk rockers, old women flipping the bird, drag queens and who can possibly ignore the woman getting dominated in the back of a limo. I do it all. If this was conventional, it would look like the 2000+ other websites out there who all want to copy off of one another and repackage the same bullshit charging upfront services the previous guys did. It wouldn't have links to report scams and negligent service. it wouldn't have unedited rights and resources. It wouldn't link to other nonprofits and agencies which help consumers. I would be more of the same shit that's out there now, phising for the desperate and the uneducated. In short, I'd be a fucking douche. I would head a douche bag company. And this is something I could never do. Unconventional? No shit sherlock. I say it proudly.

And yet...

Something happened about 5 months ago that changed my mind a tad. i'll go into it here, for all my avid readers, to the best of my ability. And it started with a call. Just a call, some dude asking about service. I asked where he saw us and the guy said he got my information from a competitors google listing. Thus began what has been surreal and agravating and today, thouigh I laugh, severely upsetting for many reasons. Lets begin shall we?

When trolls go too far...

Trolls do what they do, and other than being funny and sometimes annoying, it's nothing more than this. Lots of people troll for shits and giggles. Others do it for profit. Who hasn't seen trolls bashing one guy to boost another. Who the fuck hasn't seen this? Well it doesn't shock me. This client telling me they got my company info off a competitors website did. Which competitor? Reliant Credit Repair. A crew in Jersey, primarily run by a dude named Adam Mhrez.

Reliant wasn't unknown to me. They are a competitor, one I don't agree with. One of the many. I make no secret about how I feel about companies that charge upfront. I make no apology for calling such companies douche bag CROA violators. I will never apologize for this. Still, despite this disagreement, I never once messed with them. If I was going to mess with someone, why them? Why a marginal operator in fucking Jersey? I never called them, I never trolled them, I never reviewed them. I simply beat them. I threatened their business model, surely. I offer unlimited work, they didn't before and do now. this is called eating your competitions lunch. It's part of business. My model threatens a lot of peoples companies that profit from consumers who don't know any better. Remember, consumers have a choice. Its up to a consumer to decide what they want to do, if it involves paying more, so be it. I am a capitalist. I understand how business works. But as an advocate of transparency and a blogger of opinionated satire, I'm going to say it like it is. This will piss people off, if those people profit from the other way of doing things. It's safe to say, Mr. Mhrez is aware of me as I am of him. Still, I had to see it to believe it. And so you can all understand, I took screen shots of it for posterity, so bear with me here.

This is what I initially saw

While I would like to say I wasn't shocked, I actually was. The review was damning and intended to obviously hurt the mans credibility. The spelling and grammar was insulting. No self respecting writer would slap together run on sentences or misspell simple words. Getting my name slapped across it, was fucking wild. Please review the other screenshots.

This is the body of the review in question

Here the person dropping the review goes into detail of the experience.

I would have to say that whoever did this, intended for maximum damage. Notice the spelling where the reviewer says "something didn't seem write". The correct word would be "right". This is the type of spelling error a 4 year old would get wrong. Would Mr. Fabulous get it wrong?

No fucking way.

The review was quickly responded to by the company's owner...

If you notice the reviewers screen name "S.C." one would ask themselves why the owner would reply to it and place my name there. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence would realize that this is pretty stupid, the moment this happened, libel took effect.

The lurid response continues...

Here we see a standard corporate euphemistic language response. I got a kick out of the "members of our board" bit, I must admit.

I read the name Micka James (is this a relative of James Brown?) and then the guy does it, slaps the libelous comment up on there for the whole world to see: Mentions my name, my company name (spelled out and with the website inside a parenthesis) and threatens a legal action being filed in Florida against me personally and the company in general for saying that he has numerous felonies.

And here it is, in black and white: A libelous response by a fucking idiot against an obvious troll.

I read it and re-read it. I clicked on the reviewer, gathered what I could, and then called an attorney. We spoke, and decided to wait for the lawsuit as promised. And so I waited. Some people who saw it called and asked. Some people thought it was crazy. I signed some people up (thanks Reliant! WTG) and some I did not. I waited, and waited and fucking waited.

As if one review and one libelous reply wasn't enough, I got two!

Why get one libelous reply when you can have two? As if the smear against me wasn't enough, in this review another person goes on to accuse them of using someone else's company name (I think). The reply was swift and again calls me out and again threatens litigation.

Again my name pinned to a review I definitely didn't author. Again the libelous threat made.

Here we see the reviewer getting replied to, only the geniuses at Reliant thought I did it, and splashed my name up there again. To make matter more confusing, I didn't even understand what this beef is all about.

I have never heard of these people.

The wait continued...

Days after days and into months, I kept kicking ass for our clients and kept The Donkey Show rolling (This is what I lovingly call the company). I waited and waited. I got tired of waiting and waited some more. What was I waiting for? A fucking lawsuit. A cease and desist demand. I was waiting for the guys stupid fucking "lawyers" to do something so I could smash them. I was waiting to see what else would come of this, but apparently nothing did. Until... I got the call.

So this happened last year and I get the call this year, its been about 8 1/2 months since that was put there, and about 5 1/1 since I saw it and I get a call in March 2019! I hear the guys voice, it's Adam Mhrez himself. The message (which is saved) goes into a fast monologue where he says he's sure I am aware of what he's talking about and calls my response "time sensitive". Guy talks about seeing if we can come "eye to eye" and "rectify the issue civilly". Intrigued I call the guy.

I think he was surprised I'd call. But not as surprised as I was. here I'm thinking the guy is going to reference the Google review fiasco and he starts talking about a video and his legal team and his investigators. I listened a moment then interrupted him. Whoa, what the fuck are you talking about, brother? I told him i thought he was calling about the review. The stupid review he replied to and libelously slapped my name across. I figured he had followed through and petitioned for the information tied to the review (known as a John Doe lawsuit). i figured he realized his fucking mistake and wanted to make it right. I figured fucking wrong. the guy goes on to talk fast about wanting to be civil, yet mentions a legal team, investigators and IT guys. He wants civility and keeps asking me to remove a video. naturally, i ask him what the fuck he's talking about.

There's a video, he says. he tells me he has no problem sending me the clients that can't afford his over priced service (gee, how nice) He tells me he's a family man. has children. I say I imagine he does. He tells me what he did 11 years ago is past. I say if he wouldn't have put my name on there I wouldn't have had a fucking clue as to his past. On and on the guy goes on. Asking me to remove the video. On and on I tell him I have no fucking idea what he is talking about.

he doesn't elaborate, just repeats he has a legal team. Investigators. He wants it done fast, the removal of the video.

I tell him I don't hate him, its my job as a business owner to beat him. he disagrees, he says the market is big enough to share.

I disagree. I remind him he slapped my name across a review with no proof. He consciously committed libel in doing so.

I remind him he threatened litigation. I begin to walk him through the finer points of initiating a John Doe lawsuit (the better to help this threat along) complete with what it will cost. He interrupts me. Says he doesn't have to pay because he has a legal team, since his company is medium sized. And he also mentioned he didn't know if I could afford a lawyer or could afford to fight. The balls on this fucking guy. I laughed again.

I laughed in his face. I told him I have been waiting 5 months for his lawsuit and would like it. I tell him I don't give a shit if he comes at me with 20 Jersey lawyers and a federal beef. I tell him I'd welcome it. I tell him it would allow me to smash his company into 20 pieces and give the pieces away like keychains. He stays really quiet and counters with disbelief:

You want a lawsuit??!

Bring it on.

On the guy goes, asking for the video to be removed. I tell him to record the call. I want it on the record that I don't know what the fuck he's talking about. He is begging for it to be removed. I was stunned. WHAT FUCKING VIDEO?!!!!

He wont give specifics. Says I posted a video. I say I did no such thing, I would know. He then relents and says alright, he has to go the legal way. I tell him to do whatever he has to do. To go to whoever he has to go. I don't give a shit.

he asks me if I know who posted the video if I can ask them to remove it. by now, his fast talking nervous jumble revealed two things: He never investigated anything and just lobbed an empty threat out there and someone posted a video that really, REALLY worried this guy. I tell him someone may be trying to play us against one another (there is no doubt about that now). I also tell him to sue me, I dont give a shit. The guy was decent, I'll admit. he wasn't vulgar. he was just stupid and scared. He tried to bluff me. To push me. He'd have better luck trying to push over Mount Fuji. his better judgement failed him. he threatened me with a legal team and investigators. I told him to bring it on. He stalled. Is this a stalemate? Nope. i asked about the video. he didnt elaborate. He wanted off the phone. A fuck up can't be more apparent if I say so myself. Suddenly he has to go, talking to Mr. fabulous is eating into his schedule. He is, after all, a busy man. I asked him if he would call to apologize when he realizes I had nothing to do with any of it. he said no. there is nothing to apologize for. he didn't say i did it, he only asked if i did it. The legal team, investigators and IT guys was aparently not an implied threat, just friendly chit chat. the knee jerk response on that review to sue me, wasnt either, i suppose. Its normal for competitors to routinely call one another to ask if they've been trash talking one another. He hung up.

I, was curious. Are you guys curious?

This is the video he was rambling about,

I mean it fucking has to be!

It didn't take much to find it. I just typed reliant credit repair into the browser. The video is not really a video. It's a cartoon short of sorts (hence taken down). The person posting it did so under the name "Tonio Armen" which is, I imagine, supposed to be some bastardization of my name. It also reads Miami Beach up top. I saw this and knew two things immediately.

1: Someone really, really, I mean fucking really doesn't like this guy.

2: Had Mhrez the genius, not placed my name in his libelous reply, he wouldn't have given the sack of shit who did this, the means of who to pit against him.

The video took photos off of social media and composed a smear campaign against the guy

Judging by the poor quality, the video was created in SD not HD and took a bunch of photos off of the guys social media to get a picture of the dude. As fucked up as this is, I have to say the photo of him flexing is pretty funny and goes to show he too has a sense of humor. This is why I don't use social media. Social media becomes a permanent record of sorts.

As I watched this thing, all I kept thinking is: Someone actually paid good money for this shit?!

The video goes into public record specifics but presents them in such a way as to smear the man in the guise of the pseudo concerned citizen. If i had to bet money on it, I'd say whoever did this is a seriously pissed off person. Could even be a disgruntled employee, but I find this doubtful.

The smear campaign lasts about a minute. The video was apparently edited to go with the graphics. These things are known as explainer videos, but judging by the quality and cartoons, it wouldn't be too hard to find the company that did it. It wouldn't be hard to petition that company for records of whoever did it. I would imagine they keep copies of such things.

I would also imagine that since it cost someone money to do this, there would be a record of payment. A record of payment would include name and banking information. This is all anyone would need to figure out who did it and why. If it's a competitor, that competitor is fucked. If it's a disgruntled employee, that employee is fucked.

A smear campaign is still a smear if it lacks the fundamentals

In the country, one can say whatever they want about anyone else, so long as it is rooted in facts. However the manner in which something is said is as important. The sack of shit that made this video didn't do it the right way. Did not try to get the company owners side of the situation, did not conduct an actual interview, and definitely did not show himself/herself as the creator of the video. The public interest was not served by this video, rather it was a smear campaign from start to finish. Had the author of this video truly wanted to educate consumers the material would have been presented in another way. There would be transparency. There would be a face tied to it and not done in anonymity. As such, since it was done, it can be traced. It can be found out. Any guy with a legal team and tons of investigators he doesn't have to pay, could find this out in a matter of weeks, maybe even less. They could subpoena records, they could find out everything. A guy pretending to have a legal team couldn't do it, but one with an actual team could. Indeed, one with a legal team WOULD have. One with a legal team would not have had to call up an innocent man and beg for its removal after mentioning a fucking legal team and investigators and all sorts of shit.

Does it take an Einstein to figure what the fuck happened here?

I am a writer, an author, actually. I've mentioned this before in this website. I have some books on Amazon and a bio on there. In the bio it reads I was born in Miami Beach. My name is displayed right there next to my photo.

The reply from Reliant slaps my name right up on the review. On two reviews, mind you. Whoever wrote the reviews, obviously posted the video (this is called deductive logic). The video has all sorts of shit tied to it, mugshots and police arrest links. The language is the same in the review and the video. The reviews he got mentions the same thing. It doesn't take a fucking genius to realize in his heat, Adam stabbed so hard at who he believed had done it (me), that he stabbed himself in the ass.

He gave a troll the ammunition to bring up his past to haunt him and a scape goat to pin it on. it also doesn't take much of a genius to realize if I had anything to do with any of this, I wouldn't even be writing this section. Just sayin'.

So what now? What does this all mean?? What does any of this have to do with business???!

Nothing. Other than the fact I've been vilified and slandered. Nothing other that I've had to endure people calling wondering what it's been all about. I've waited patiently for a reply from the man and his lawyers, oh excuse me, his corporate legal team.

that I offer the better service, the more complete service and the lowest cost service means nothing here surely. The man thinks I'm to blame for his life. His problems are his problems, my own are my own.

For days (since march 25th actually) I've been thinking of his words. Civil. He want's to be civil. Posts a libelous comment on a review, threatens litigation in a public format, mentions my company name and insinuates it too, will be sued. Civil, he wants civility.

Crank calls, blocked calls, trolling on forums, and he wants civility.

The fast voice with the Jersey accent rattling in my mind. "I have a legal team, investigators, IT guys. I want this resolved. I want to be civil..." his words over and over.

He says: "I'm not saying you did it, I'm only asking you to remove it". Civil...

"I don't know if you have the money to fight, to hire lawyers"... civil...

"I have no problem sending people to you who can't afford what I charge"... civil...

Fuck being civil. I've been patient, what I want now is a lawsuit, or I'm going to initiate my own (he knows who my attorney is, I gave him the name). Fire up your legal team and investigators, Adam, you're definitely going to need them. When you're done fucking around, and find whoever did this to you, I would insist on an apology.  And to whoever did this video, and didn't have the balls to place their own name, all I can say is fuck you too.

And so, life goes on

This may not concern people, its just something playing out between a confused businessman who doesn't understand he pissed someone off, or has a competitor he isn't even aware of. He's not in my universe, there is truly no comparison. I will continue to give all consumers their rights unedited, untarnished and unvarnished. I will continue to provide free information and material. I will continue to be humorous and profane, politically incorrect and brash. Our clients will continue to get unlimited work, original creditor disputes and outstanding service for the same low prices which have made us stand apart from everyone else who charges more money than a fucking lawyer. People come to credit consultants for assistance in a tough time, that is not an invitation to get gouged and slow walked by anyone, anywhere. This is America, I love my Republic. I love that people have choices and the freedoms to exercise those choices. Whoever doesn't want my business doesn't need to sign up or call us. Whoever thinks I'm too over the line has apparently never seen me dress up and do the town. Vulgar? Yes. Profane? You fucking better believe it. Do I fucking lie? There is no fucking need to.

This is transparency. How do you like them apples?