ethically responsible

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Pro Bono Publico… er, Privatus

Pro Bono Publico means for the public good. That's not why we engage in it. I don't know if public good is served by our work. I think it helps the private individual, so maybe we can change the definition a little.

Welcome to our world, all we do seems to change the rules of how people are treated.

Pro Bono kind of came about organically with us. Sometimes it has nothing to do with ability to pay, sometimes it's just ethically responsible.

Yes, ethically responsible, I'm aware of what I just said. Ethical responsibility seems to have taken a back seat of late.

We'll, we're bringing it back (kind of like how our founder brought sexy back, but better) and making it a featured part of the services we offer. Traditionally Pro Bono is done by attorneys and industry professionals who give of their time or expertise free of charge to people who can't afford to pay. In our case, it's done because not every issue is something we can take or guarantee. In this industry we have to guarantee money back under Federal law, if no results are provided. Sometimes pro Bono can be providing letters, sometimes its providing and sending the letters. Other times its online filing, advocacy letters, you name it. Some clients have been victimized by collectors, have faced medical conditions, life changing matters or extended periods of unemployment or homelessness. Some are vets. Some are regular Joe's/Jane's. Everyone is different and we understand being different.

Money is not a deciding factor

Pro Bono is not decided solely by money. Some clients we help make plenty of money. it's not about money. it's not personal. if we can't ethically charge a client (because we can't guarantee our efforts will work) we offer the work gratis. Now many people have usually gone silent when we say this. It's probably a normal reaction to a business telling you they'll help you at no cost. Which doesn't really happen, let's be honest here. One can't get oil change pro bono... or a lap dance, now that I think of it. But maybe we can have some kind of a positive impact in a person's life. Maybe, just maybe, we can help.

I'd rather help someone I can't charge before they go someplace else and get fleeced, shafted or wazoo-blasted,

so, there's that.

How it works

Being slated for pro Bono work is not something that requires any additional process on a client's behalf. We decide it during consultation, when we go over the issues facing a particular client. If you hear us say we'll take you pro bono, then you fill out the contract and choose the pro bono checkbox. You're a client, you just don't get charged. Same work, same ethos, just no moolah.

The work we do is not federally funded, we don't receive grants, we are not tax exempt and Uncle Sam ain't subsidizing our efforts. It's done because we want to do it. It's part of the change we want to see in the world, so we're setting the example and putting our work where our mouth is. Now sometimes we don't take clients because their issue is not something we can't take part in, like challenging factual information. That's a no-no, so no-no's aren't slated as pro bono. Call us, let's talk and see what's up, that's the only way we can know. After all we offer the discounts no one does, the unlimited and complete work everyone wants to triple charge for and we never, ever, under any circumstances have those upfront illegal FCRA/CROA violation fees. Who has time for that bullshit, money or no money?!