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Collection Agencies & Debt Buyers

Have you ever wondered how many types of collection agencies there are? Are they all the same? Are they established by bonafide attorneys or just a bunch of investors hell bent on making the most money possible? Do the executives wear toupees and drink coffee by the gallon? Do they have severe overbites? Are they supporting a mistress and a few ungrateful children and an ex-wife who bangs the tennis pro? Well, we don't know all about that other stuff, let's say "maybe". As for collection agencies and such there are 4 kinds: Internal collection (each company has an internal collections department and overdue debts go here first), external collections (usually attorneys who have a contract with a company to try to recover for a percentage), debt buyers (could be anyone who has the money to buy debt and the logistics to begin recovery processes) and junk debt buyers (total scumbag assholes with no moral compass).

Junk debt buyers come and go (like your ex who raids the fridge and sleeps on the couch between girlfriends) They'll be new ones of course, since it is inevitable given the state of the finance industry after Covid19 and the slow as molasses response by the government. Some agencies may be missing, but for the most part these are the companies one deals with at some point.


ACB Receivables Management

AM Mortgage Brokers

AMO Recoveries

A&S Collection Associates

Academy Collection Service, Inc.

Accelerated Recovery Services, Inc.

Account Management Services

Account Recovery Bureau

Account Solutions Group

Action Collection Services

Advanced Call Center Technologies, LLC

Alliance One, Inc

Allied Interstate, Inc.


Allstate Financial Services dba Allstate Adjustment Bureau

AmSher Receivables Management

American Coradius International

American Coradius International LLC (ACI)

American Coradius, Inc.

American Credit Collections, LLC.

American Credit Services

American Debt Services

American Legal Recovery

American Legal Services, PC

Ameriquest Recovery Services

Anchor Receivables Management

The Andersen Group

Anderson Financial Network, Inc. (AFNI)

Ariel Financial Services

Arrow Financial Services

Ascent Card Services, LLC

Asset Recovery Associates

Associated Recovery Systems

Aspen National Collections

Asta Funding

Atlantic Credit & Finance

Aurora, Gold & Associates, LLC

B - C

Baker, Lawrence, Attorney

Barnes, Curtis, O. Con-America

Bass and Associates

Bay Area Credit Services

Bennett & DeLoney, PC.

Berks Credit Collections

Bishop, White, Marshall, & Weibel, PC

Booth and Associates

Brachfeld & Associates, P.C.

Bronson & Migliaccio, LLP

Bronson, Cawley & Bergmann, LLP

Brumbaugh & Quandahl, PC

Buffaloe & Associates, Lawyers

Burgess, Douglas R.

Burke, Edward T. & Assoc, P.C.

The Bureaus, Inc.


C. Barry & Associates, LLC

C. Water Recoveries


CBE Group


CMC Recovery Services, Inc.

CMG Recovery Services

CRF Solutions

CRS Capital Recovery Services

Caferella, Jason J, Attorney

California Business Bureau, Inc.

California Financial Credit Association

California Recovery Bureau, Inc.

Capital Credit Services, Inc.

Capital Management Services

Cashnet500 DBA Global Cashnet DBA D.R.G. & Associates

Cavalry Portfolio Services, LLC

Central Credit Services

Channing & Associates

Chase Receivables

Check Recovery System

Check and Merchant Services

Civil Claims Asset Investigative Services

Claims & Warrants

Claims America, LLC

Client Services, Inc.

Coastal Mitigation Associates

Coface Collections North America, Inc

Cohen & Slamowitz, LLP

Collect America, CACV aka CACH, LLC

Collect Corp Inc

Collectech Systems, Inc.

Colonial Credit Corporation

Commonwealth Financial Systems

Conserve Collection Company

Consumer Credit Association

Consumer Recovery Associates

Continental Credit


Cred X Debt Recovery, LLC

Credit Collection Services (CCS)

Credit Management Control

Credit One, LLC

Creditors Interchange Receivable Mgmt, LLC

D - E

DMG Consulting

DNI Recovery Ezelle Williams & Associates

Delmarva Collections, Inc.

Dendy, Michael D.

Diversified Collection Services (DCS)

Diversified Receivable Solutions

E-Renter USA Ltd.

ER Solutions

Eastern Asset Management

Educational Credit Management Corporation, MA (ECMC)

Edwin A. Abrahamsen & Associates, P.C.

Empire Recovery Group

Encore Capital Group

Encore Receivable Management

Endeavor Financial Partners, LLC

Enhanced Recovery Company

EOS CCA Debt Collection Services

Estate Recoveries

F - G

FMA Alliance, Ltd.


Federal Bond Collection Services, Inc.

Federal Credit Recovery/FCR Offices

Fidelity Information Corporation

Financial Credit Services

Financial Recovery Services, Inc.

First American Investment Corporation

First National Collection Bureau, Inc.

Firstsource Advantage

Frederick J. Hanna & Associates

Frontline Asset Strategies

Full Circle Financial Services, LLC

Fulton Friedman & Gullace LLP

General Revenue Corporation

GC Services

GMC Credit Services (Glass Mountain Capital)

Genesis Financial Corp.

Global Acceptance Credit Company (GACC)

Global Credit Network

Global International, Inc.

Global Recovery Group

Go-More Financial, Inc.

Graham, Noble, & Associates, LLC

Great Lakes Collection Bureau, Inc.

Green Tree

Greenberg & Associates

Griggs & Associates (G&A Investigative Services) LLC

Gulf State Credit

H - J

HP Capital

(Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group, LLC

Haller Harlan Taylor

Harris & Harris

Harrison Ross Byck, Esq.

Hayt Hayt & Landau

Healthcare Collections Specialists

Hillcrest Credit Agency

Hoffman Swartz, and Associates, Inc.

Houston Funding Corp.

Hudson & Keyse, LLC

IC Systems

IMC Credit Services

IQ Data (also doing business as Rent Collect Global)

ISA Acceptance Corporation

Integrity Resolution Group, LLC


J. C. Christensen & Associates, Inc.

JNR Adjustment Company, Inc.

JT Keller & Associates

Jacobs Marsh, LLC

Jason Reed & Associates

Javitch, Block & Rathbone LLP

Jefferson Capital Systems

K - M

Koparr Paralegals & Associates, LLC


LTD Financial Services, L.P.

LVNV Funding, LLC

Landis, Thomas

Lang, Richert & Patch

Laurence A Hecker

Lawal and Associates

Lead Resources of America Inc

Leading Edge Recovery Solutions

Legal Recovery Law Offices

Legal Recovery Services, Inc.

Lewis Hastie Receivables Inc.

Love, Beal & Nixon, PC

Lowery, Scott DBA CACH, LLC

M. Leonard & Associates

MD Collections

MRS Associates, Inc.

Magnus Services, Inc.

Marauder Corporation

Meadows Law Office – Sheree Meadows

Mel S. Harris & Associates

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau

Merchant’s Credit Guide Co.

Meridian Management Solutions

Midland Credit Management, Inc.

Monterey Bay Collection Agency, Inc.

Moore, Gerald E. & Associates

Morgans & Associates, P.C.

Mosely & Mosely

Myers & Porter, Attorneys

N - O

NCC Business Services, Inc.

NCO Financial Systems

National Acceptance

National Asset Management

National Attorney’s Network

National Bureau of Collections, Inc.

National Credit Adjusters

National Credit Works, Inc.

National Enterprise Systems

Niagara Credit Solutions

National Financial Systems

National Recovery Group

National Revenue Corporation

Nations Recovery Center

Nationwide Capital Recovery

Nationwide Credit, Inc.

Nationwide Recovery Systems, Ltd.

Nelson, Watson & Associates, LLC

Neuheisel Law Firm, PC

Niagara Credit Solutions Inc.

North American Asset Investigation Bureau, LLC (NAAIB)

North American Collectors, Inc.

Northeast Credit & Collections

Northern California Collection Service

Northland Group

Northwest Mediation Group

Nu Island Partners, LLC


O’Neill Management, Inc. Investigators

OSI/Outsourcing Solutions

Ozark Capital Corporation

P - Q

PCS Inc.

PMR Law Group

Pacific Coast Collections

Palisades Collections, LLC

Palm Island Services

Partners Financial Services

Peak Financial Services, LLC

Penn Credit Corporation

Performance Capital Management

Phillips & Burns, LLC

Phillips & Cohen Associates, Ltd.

Pinnacle Asset & Capital Management Grp, LLC

Pinnacle Credit Services, LLC

Pinnacle Financial Group

Pioneer Credit Recovery, Inc.

Platinum Recovery Solutions, Inc.

Plaza Associates

Portfolio Exchange

Portfolio MG, LLC (PMG)

Portfolio Management of Amherst, LLC.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC

Praxis Financial Solutions, Inc.

Premiere Credit

Pressler & Pressler, LLP

Pride Recovery Services

Pro Collect Inc.

Progressive Management



Quadrant Group LLC

R - S

RCS Centre Corp

RJM Acquisitions, LLC

ROI Companies

Rannefeld, Blue W. Attorney

Receivables Performance Management

Redline Recovery Services, LLC.

Regent & Associates, P.C.

Regent Asset Management Solutions

Regional Adjustment Bureau, Inc.

Reliant Capital Solutions

Reliant Recovery Services, Inc.

Resurgence Financial, LLC

Resurgent Capital Services/Sherman

Revenue Reporting Service

Reynolds & Jacobson, Attorneys

Roach, Larry, Law Offices of

Rosenthal, Morgan and Thomas, Inc.

Rosenthal, Stein and Associates

S & S Recovery

SC Associates

SRA Associates

Scherr, Harold E. , Attorney

Scott L Feldman

Scott, Michael J., PC

Shekinah, Inc

Sherman Financial Group/Alegis (SDB)

Smith, Rouchon, and Associates – Alabama

Southern Tier Agency, Inc.

Southwest Recovery Services

Specified Credit Association

Sunrise Credit Services

Summit Account Resolution

Superior Asset Management

Systematic National Collection

T - V


Taylor, Jay A. P.C. Attorney

Tek Collect

The Receivable Management Services Corporation (RMS)

Titan Recovery Group, LLC

Trak America Enterprises, LLC

Transworld Systems


Trident Financial Network

TrueLogic Financial Corp.


Unifund Group Corp.

United Abstract Group, Inc.

United Collections Bureau

United Consumers Inc.

United Portfolio Services Group

United Recovery Systems

United Consumer Financial Services

Universal Fidelity

Universal Filing Services, Inc.

VRM Collections – Vigden Receivables Management

Valentine & Kebartas, Inc.

Van Ru Credit Corp


Viking Collection Service Southwest

Vision Financial Services

W - Z

Wakefield & Associates

Weber Olcese

Weltman, Weinberg & Reis

West Asset Management Inc.

Westmoreland Agency/Capital One Bank

Williams & Fudge

Windham Professionals, Inc.

Winn and Sims, P.C

Wolpoff & Abramson

Worldzen Collections and Recovery LLC

Zenith Acquisition Corp.

Zwicker & Associates, P.C.


When you see a name or a series of surnames each more difficult to pronounce than the other, you're most likely dealing with attorney's who are in the business of running a collection business. Debt buyers generally don't put their names on the shingle. This would probably be to avoid the random disgruntled neighbor from toilet papering their trees or putting Krazy glue in every keyhole on every door of the guy's house. Maybe it isn't because of that at all, and my mind just wanders to the irrelevant juvenile delinquencies, were not sure so let's move on. Professional Associations notwithstanding, most collection agencies are owned by attorneys and most debt buying enterprises are run by your average businessperson. Each has to adhere to the law but from a negotiations standpoint it is far easier to haggle with a debt buyer than a collection agency, since most are contracted directly to recover and don't like to get the reputation for "softness".

One should always know that they can contact any collector and speak with them, there is absolutely nothing to fear. Their reputation is worse than they are in reality and that's because back in the old days they'd call your boss or family, they'd go out of their way to hire guttersnipes to work the phones and drive you insane. Besides no one likes to be reminded that they owe at the dinner table, it's annoying. The good is that any consumer can opt out of those calls by simply saying they don't want to get called again.

If you're one of the few people who still gets collection agencies or debt buyers calling your boss or family and harassing them, you may have legal grounds to sue their asses for violating the FDCPA or at the very least report their asses to the agency that takes such violations seriously. Either option has a stunning effect and at the least they'll leave you off the call log.

Not so fast...

Just because you opt out of being called doesn't mean you won't be contacted. Collections and debt buyers can still mail you and email you. They can even text you now, so feel free to have the call block option available.

Collections was always a big business and in these trying times, it's going to get worse. And while many threaten and coerce, legitimate collections (there is such a thing) will actually try to work with you to settle on outstanding debts. It is the consumers responsibility to know how credit works, what the statute of limitations is for their state, know what the credit reporting time limit is and be willing to question unknown debts.

Very few people in this industry go out of their way to tell you how things work or much less point you to a viable solution, but like our founder always says: "In this business you're either fucking over a consumer or pissing off a competitor". Judging by the way this company is run, you can imagine in what category we fall into. No shit.