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How one man's journey into credit repair became everyone's opportunity at A Clean Slate

My name is Antonio Armenteros, I own and operate A Clean Slate Credit Consultants Corp. Which is a Florida nonprofit entity. This doesn’t mean we do not make a profit,

it does mean that we are not all profit.

I came to this enterprise when I had no interest in credit and did not keep up with my own. I believed wrongly that credit was not important when one has money. I went through My own version of what most of our clients do errors, mixed file and debts wrongly attributed. I was taken by a confidence scam by an old lady (to the amusement of all who hear the story). I didn’t have help, I didn’t "know" anyone, and I started from scratch.

My system worked for me, as a result of many long nights reading and many more days pulling my hair. I saw what worked, what didn’t and learned. When I was done, my credit files were now my own. Around this time, I started doing the same for my family. Then, friends and then the inevitable co-workers. They were happy. I live in a close-knit community, and the people knew me. I never advertised. I didn’t own a web page. I wasn’t incorporated. It was just me, doing my thing, and the cost was doable.

A client came to me and said, hey Incorporate. I was not interested.

In 2012 I founded a United Trade Guild and saw firsthand what combat looks like from a corporate perspective. I saw mendacity, ugliness and naked power plays. I didn’t need that in my life again. No thanks. But the people kept saying it. There’s a market, go with it. And so, I started seeing what was out there with competing companies. Here I encountered another education. Holy shit! what an education.

Each company works to gain, but one thing is business, and another is bullshit. I saw a cornucopia of bullshit, a smorgasbord of bullshit. This was bullshit on tap! A veritable bullshit buffet (you get the idea). I saw outright lies, outright scams, outright thievery and not much being done about it. I saw oft repeated themes "buy a house!", "a car!", "your dream!", yada, yada. The same thing from every company. Little houses, smiling couples, little kids playing in yards, freshly mowed lawns, realtors with friendly helpful faces. I saw the bullshit façade.

As an executive and consultant with expertise in branding I saw what everyone was going for, The American dream.

My American dream would involve two gorgeous women with prodigious breasts feeding me grapes in a hammock while a dog licks my toes, but this is just me. 

I saw what the message was.

"This can be you... but you gotta pay for it."

I saw the failing sites, the ones with promise, the shoddy ones and the ones built out by designers who didn’t learn from tutorials. I’m not against business (I am a business development expert) I am however, against bullshit. Always have been. So, I studied the market, I studied the trends, I saw the errors. This is what I did my whole life, you see. I knew what to cover. I incorporated. I got my papers in order and I started building out the website in the most direct language I could. I speak to the human in us all. The human desire to not get screwed with, to not get robbed, toyed with, etc.

I saw the failure in advocacy and lack of transparency. I did something about both. I saw people talk from their blogs but between the preaching mightier than thou bullshit, realized no one really said much. I saw the phishing sites, the phony referral sites, saw how the big operators operate. Hmm, i thought to myself, I can change this shit up.

Today, our site has more advocacy and consumer activism than all our competitors combined. We link-out to the CFPB, FTC, FCRA, FACTA, FCBA, FCCA, Attorney General and a shit load of other websites. We promote transparency with racy ads and funny themes (we think it’s funny, most clients do too).

We don’t care how you do what you do, but just know your rights, know your options. DIY, pay a service, hideout from collectors... whatever works for you and makes you happy, we are happy for you.

We get hate mail, threats, trolls on Google and on Credit Karma Community, we get bombarded by visits from competitors and some even copy us. We get this because we Don’t give a shit. Our mentality is a no prisoners mentality. We don't play the rigged game. We don’t swill hooch at the end of a workday with competitors. This is a street fight, and in a street fight, only one walks away victorious. We want all consumers to walk away victorious. We aren’t your average company, at all! If we, were we’d lie and kiss ass. We’d give you the corporate wanna be euphemistic resume language which is horseshit anyway and never authentic. We are not federally funded, no one gives us grants, we bust our hump in the real world and give real results.

Enemies? Every person who goes against the grain will have some. Ours are chicken shit, powder puffs. Not worthy of mention. Competitors? Not in our universe. Bullshit artists? Quite a few, bitch-slapped daily. Trolls? Yep, we get those too. We don’t advertise but with a standing average of 600 visits a month from THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES and Hawaii, Alaska and military bases in Afghanistan, something must be making an impact.

This is my strange company, my in-your-face response to all who bullshit and a one place solution to all who have been wronged. On the main page, the links to forms that assist in the filing of federal complaints. Who in their right mind would do this if it was bullshit? Hello? Earth to Uranus??!

Visit, kick the proverbial tires, read up, suggest questions for our boards, follow the links to your rights. Read up. Learn. Laugh. Do not despair. If you have a question, ask it. If we don’t know the answer, we will tell you so. Be patient, we call everyone back (even people we can’t help).

Thank you for your visit, for your time and patronage. Thank you to all those who suggested ads, who promote us here and there and spread the word. The only American dream I can give you is this one: a no bullshit company with the audacity to say what others won’t say, even if it is unpopular or politically incorrect, even if it costs us business.

We aren’t your average fucking nonprofit.

Antonio Armenteros,

Founder & Chairman

A Clean Slate Credit Consultants Corp. Of Florida

"Been cyber shafted and need monitoring? Why would you want to pay the turkeys that lost your data in the first place? Get it for free for life."

- Chairman & Founder

While there are other companies/entities operating with names similar to ours, not one of them operates on our platform, with our model or offer our guarantees. No other company links their visitors to more consumer protection agencies, has a more accurate listing of government links & unadulterated information. When you think A Clean Slate, remember the Florida company that's changing the face of credit repair, nationwide.

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