Been steamed, reamed

& dry cleaned?

Been lied to? Robbed? Misled?

This is the place to fight back

& learn your rights or get

he best comprehensive service

for about $1.90 a day!


warning this website is NSFW viewing. This is a politically incorrect advocacy website and company. Don't say we didn't warn you.

 Vertically Integrated, bullshit free

& the industry's lowest cost Credit Repair

Our company complies with & surpasses FEDERAL pricing guidelines for U.S. operating CRO's, We're the fastest filing too.

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"This is what happens when Maxim magazine meets Credit repair. I love it!"-

Lisette H. R., Miami, Fl., Client Since 2018

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What our clients are saying

"This shit is fuckin' crazy!!

In the best fuckin' way possible!!  Amazing results! A+++"

- Courtney Van Buren, Ret NFL Offensive Tackle, Visitor & Client Since 2018

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Results in 6 months or your money back in full


Your life simplified

 in 3 steps,turbo fast 

We are unconventional, not solely on the way we express & market ourselves, but in our service above all.

The following is a concise explanation of how we process your file into guaranteed results without long contracts and half your paycheck.


We talk. We listen, we ask questions, we go into your history and see what, if anything can be (or should be done),

total cost to you $0.00

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Contract & E-file

You read your rights, you read our CROA compliant contract, e-sign and we file with you over the phone. Confirmations begin to come into your email. You see them in real-time, and continue to see them in the coming hours, days, weeks, month-to-month. Cost to you: $59, $35 or $25 dollars upon confirmation. Period.

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3 Bureau multiple disputes, all inclusive

We file in all 3 credit monitoring bureau's, even in Equifax (which is temporarily shutdown to online stream since late 2017). If you have Credit Karma or Credit Sesame, you track our progress, if not, we recommend them as Stellar app's which are 100% free.

that's it. 30 to 45 days for results, often but not usual, in 7 days! (Each file is different). We keep you in the loop 100%.

Total cost to you: Included

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5 minute e-file, we don't draw out contracts with snail mail

Refer A Friend

Already a raving client? Referrals work with us as well. Refer a friend and when they sign on, get $10 off one month of service.

Couples Pricing

Married, Common-Law, Life Partner. Whatever works for you, works with us. Existing clients wishing to add a significant other can do so, the price is just $25.

Police Officers

Police Officers, Firefighters & Paramedics are now being granted special pricing. If you're a first responder, serving and protecting anywhere in the continental U.S. and it's territories, your pricing is $40.

Nurses/Hospital Workers + Covid19

We've had nursing discounts for years now, but have decided to expand the discount to hospital staff and have added an additional Covid19 discount. Rock on and keep helping all who need it.

State & Federal Employees

State & Federal discounts are not new to us, many over the years have come in to get errors taken care of when security clearances come time for renewal. If this is you then the cost is $50. due diligence applies.

Previously Screwed

Introducing our previously screwed discount. If you've been steamed, reamed, dry cleaned. Or shafted, gafted or wazoo blasted by a credit repair company, Your pricing get's a discount. Due diligence applies, obviously.

Please call us for a free quote

For a complete listing of our discounts please contact us

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No hidden fees or extra costs, guaranteed.

Our clients love us. Our competitors... not so much.

Been gouged? There's a site for that.

What our clients are saying about our advocacy & results

A straight up and fucking honest company! As an adult film star, I've seen it all and dealt with the worst of the worst and these guys are the polar opposite of that! They're no nonsense guys that put in work for their clients and change peoples lives for the better no joke!...

Piper Parker, Adult Film Star - Los Angeles, CA.  Visitor & Client since 2020

we are a Credit Repair Organization Act compliant company

Commerce & Trade 15 U.S.C. chapter 41, sub-chapter II-A Credit Repair    

Organizations, Consumer Credit protection

to read the entire act including the disclosures which govern all Credit repair Organizations, click on the link above.

What our clients are saying about our website & features

...your website is very tongue-in-cheek and brazenly and unapologetically politically incorrect that the word colourful was the most agreeable term I could use.  I thought, I have to contact this company.

Marjon Monfared - Kansas City, MO, Visitor & Client since 2018

Been misled? There's a site for that.

What our clients are saying about our results

You fuckin' rock!

J.L. Arnold - Blackwell OK, Client since 2018

Axial Tilt Marketing

Web Development & Social Media Marketing, this crew is led by Victor Ramos, senior web developer and branding specialist and if he and if he can't take your product to market, you shouldn't be selling it in the first place.

From Coconut Grove to the world

This is Marcie Lakin, a wonderful and down to earth person. Sometimes one can get a little guidance from the stars and since she's a star in her own right, it could be stardust. Take a shot, you never know what the cards hold for you.

What you need to know before contacting us:

We handle a very large volume of calls daily and are currently looking at options for outsourcing to accommodate this growth, which has quite frankly overwhelmed us. Your business is important to us. If you get a voicemail, please leave a message. We will return the call same day if it is received before 4:00 pm EST. If you email us, we will respond within 24 hours.

As of Aug 2020 We process 600 + clients a month and give each client personal attention and maintain contact with email and text messages. Our services are performed online and our results are guaranteed. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

Been scammed? There's a site for that.

we may be proudly profane, charmingly obscene and tuitously vulgar, yet, bullshit with a smile is still bullshit. We never went in for the pseudo professionalism, reading from a script nonsense. File creation and Audit fees are bullshit fees slapped up against consumers in clear violation of the CROA.

Charging depends on the company providing the service, each company sets the value of its works, and that's fine. However these fees should never present a consumer with a financial hardship. Most do.

Charging upfront without having done diddly squat to earn it is illegal. Learn your rights, then do whatever the hell you want to do, charlie. It's still a free country.

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Meet the FICO score

That strange little diagram up there is a broad explanatory breakdown of how the scoring system works. I say broad because no one can accurately predict how it will work except the people who developed it. Some FICO SAP certified people can tell you how they think it works, but only the fucking Fair Isaac Corporation knows. And the exact mathematical model they keep really tightly under wraps. Anyway, this is a broad view of what goes into the calculation and how more or less the equation results in your particular score.

Now, all scores are not the same, that's why every Credit Reporting Bureau has a different score. They each also use another method. What method? Their own private fucking method. And if all this analytical bullshit wasn't confusing enough already, they also have the Vantage score which is owned jointly by Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. It's probably called vantage because their think tank believes it holds some Advantage, but who the hell knows.

Founders Quote

"Everybody promises low prices and fast service. We actually back it up."

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    Toll-Free           1-786-307-3585

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We are a Florida nonprofit organization

Chartered in 2017, our firm was officially established to provide services for low income and fixed income individuals nationwide. That's why when we say we'll beat anyone's pricing we mean it. Welcome to the new face of Credit Repair

What our clients are saying about our results

Like I said I'm gonna tell everyone I know about you guys and I know a lot of people. Word of mouth is always the best advertisement

Jonathan M. - Burbank, OK. Client since 2018

Don't get bullshitted!

Make an informed decision with YOU DECIDE

Keep America strong.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, 25% of Americans have errors on their credit report. Credit Reporting Bureaus monitor approximately 220,000,000 people so 25% is 55,000,000 people suffering from inaccuracies.  Creditors and Credit Reporting Bureaus make errors, find out if you have any. Don't let the car, truck or pimped out Steel Pig you want pass you by. 

Buy American.

We don't sell kits, complex packages or free information



80% of our visitors use a mobile device to access our brand of insanity. Why not? We're mobile friendly.

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If you prefer to speak to us, our friendly staff is standing by to answer any question. Feel free to be rowdy, we can dig it.



Our online portal is designed to make you spritz soda across your screen or roommate. Feel free to eat nachos.

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The Best Choice for Credit Repair in The United States of America

Proudly serving low/fixed income individuals, veterans & active military personnel

we do more to link our visitors to consumer protection organizations and provide more concise information than any competitor in the industry.

click on any of the seals below to go directly to the sites

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A Clean Slate Credit Consultants Corporation operates in full compliance with all laws governing Credit Repair. The Federal Trade Commission is the best third-party source for consumer protection. Visit our Consumer Rights page for more information.

A Clean Slate Credit Consultants Corporation, a Florida non-profit organization operates in full compliance with all laws governing Credit Repair. As such we proudly link to The Attorney General of Florida's website and information on consumer protection.

To claim Veteran Status/Active Military Status fraudulently is a federal offense. We reserve all rights in the enforcement of this law as per our transparency.